CIC'09: Coinduction, Interaction and Composition
    CIC'09: Coinduction, Interaction and Composition   
Third Joint Research Workshop on Coinduction, Interaction and Composition
Minho University (DI - CCTC)
7, 8 May 2009
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  Context & Objectives
Both from a theoretical and a technological point of view, global computing raises a number of challenging and difficult research questions whose relevance for the future of Software Engineering cannot be underestimated. On the theory side, examples include the quest for interaction models, coordination calculi, foundations for co-operation and mobility, resource usage and security, semantics and methods for service specification, orchestration and deployment, among many others.

On the other hand, long term research in coalgebra theory and coindution provided an useful set of both conceptual and methodological tools to study the the semantics of reactive, interactive and mutable systems.

In such a context, this third Joint Research Workshop, intends to bring together Dutch and Portuguese research groups on both coalgebraic methods and their application to the development of models and calculi for interaction, composition and coordination of software components and services.

Is is expected the workshop will promote a deep understanding of these topics and their interplay, raising new research questions and fostering further collaboration.

 Organisation : L. S. Barbosa, J. N. Oliveira, N. F. Rodrigues, Paula Anjo

  • On the Eclipse coordination tools and dynamic reconfigurations in Reo (slides)
    Christian Krause, CWI
  • Coordination via constraint interaction (slides)
    José Proença, CWI
  • Fault-based test case generation for component connectors (slides)
    Sun Meng, CWI
  • Validating software integration with coordination analysis (slides)
    Nuno Rodrigues, UM
  • Automata Models for Component Connectors (slides)
    Marcello Bonsangue, CWI and Leiden University
  • Quantitative domain theory (abstract)
    Dirk Hofmann, UA
  • On the design of a Galculator (slides)
    Paulo Silva, UM
  • Pointfree Alloy: the other side of the moon (slides)
    José Nuno Oliveira, UM
  • Mapping between Alloy specifications and relational database implementations (slides)
    Hugo Pacheco, UM
  • Sampling, splitting and merging in coinductive stream calculus (slides)
    Jan Rutten, CWI
  • A Kleene Theorem for Polynomial Coalgebras (slides)
    Alexandra Silva, CWI
  • Quasi-final coalgebraic semantics (slides)
    Luís Monteiro, UNL
  • On refinements of algebraic specifications (slides)
    Alexandre Madeira, UA-UM
  • Symbolic Execution of Reo Circuits (slides)
    Marjan Sirjani, Reykjavik University
  • Matrices are Arrows! an AOP perspective on (typed) linear algebra (slides)
    Hugo Macedo, UM