Research Workshop on
Coinduction, Interaction and Composition

DI-CCTC (Theory and Formal Methods)
Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal
11 - 14 October, 2006

Local: di 3.01



Paula Anjo
(Adm. Support)
Nuno Rodrigues
, Marco Barbosa,
Luís Barbosa
& José Oliveira

Departamento de Informática
Campus de Gualtar
Universidade do Minho



Context & Objectives

Both from a theoretical and a technological point of view, global computing raises a number of challenging and difficult research questions whose relevance for the future of Software Engineering cannot be underestimated. On the theory side, examples include the quest for interaction models, coordination calculi, foundations for co-operation and mobility, resource usage and security, semantics and methods for service specification, orchestration and deployment, among many others.

On the other hand, long term research in coalgebra theory and coindution provided an useful set of both conceptual and methodological tools to study the the semantics of reactive, interactive and mutable systems.

In such a context, this Research Workshop, intends to bring together Dutch and Portuguese research groups on both coalgebraic methods and their application to the development of models and calculi for interaction, composition and coordination of software components and services. Is is expected the workshop will promote a deep understanding of these topics and their interplay, raising new research questions and fostering further collaboration.



11 October

09:30 Why point-freeness matters [Slides]
   José Nuno Oliveira, UM
10:15 Quality of Service through Connector Composition [Slides]
   Farhad Arbab, CWI
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Models for spatial logic based on transition systems with spatial structure [Slides]
   Luís Monteiro, UNL, Lisbon

Extensionality of Spatial Observations in Distributed Systems [Slides]
   Hugo Vieira, UNL, Lisbon

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Stream calculus as a common foundation for linear and non-linear systems
   Jan Rutten, CWI and VU, Amsterdams
15:15 Coinduction by calculation [Slides]
   Alexandra Silva, CWI
   Luis Barbosa, UM
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Bisimulation revisited [Slides]
Luis Barbosa, UM
   José Nuno Oliveira, UM
   Alexandra Silva, CWI
17:15 Discussion Slot
18:00 End of Day I

12 October

09:30 Reo Connectors semantics using Connector Colouring [Slides]
   David Costa, CWI
10:15 Composing Reo Connector Animations [Slides]
   José Proença, CWI
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Coupled Transformation of Schemas, Data, and Queries [Slides]
   Joost Visser, UM
12:15 A Type Level Approach to Component Prototyping [Slides]
   Jácome Cunha, UM
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Coalgebraic logic of name-passing processes [Slides]
   Marcello Bonsangue, CWI and Leiden University
15:15 Architectural configurations [Slides]
   Marco Barbosa, UM
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 From Algorithmic to Data-oriented Designs and Back [Slides]
   José Correia, UM
17:15 Functional Lazy Slicing [Slides]
   Nuno Rodrigues, UM
18:00 End of Day II
20:00 Workshop Dinner

13 October

09:30 Discussion Slot 
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 End of Day III




The workshop will consist of a number of talks by researchers and PhD students, allowing ample time for discussion. All participants are invited to give one (or more) talks. Please send a title (and, if possible, an abstract) to {lsb,jno,nfr} (Luís, José and Nuno), asap (but no later than 5th October, when the Final Programme should be ready).

A "hot-topic" session, consisting of 10 minutes presentations of new problems, topics or research questions, will also be proposed.



Please send an email to both (Nuno) and (Luis) confirming your participation. No Minho participants should also indicate their travelling details to book accommodation and transport.