Formal Aspects of Component Software
(FACS 2010)

Universidade do Minho
Universidade do Minho

7th International Workshop on Formal
Aspects of Component Software

October 14-16, 2010 - Guimarães (Portugal)

UN University
United Nations University


Hosted by Minho University, FACS 2010 will take place at Hotel de Guimarães.

Hotel de Guimarães

Hotel de Guimarães is situated in the centre of Guimarães, a city classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It is a modern four stars hotel which abides by the Quality Management System, certified in accordance to European  norm ISO 9001-2000.

FACS 2010 Organizing Committee apologies for this change of venue which was enforced by external circumstances.  

Guimarães is a small, historic town in North Portugal, which hosted the country's first royal capital  in the 12th century. Its historic center is classified as UNESCO World Heritage. 


Guimarães is quite close to other towns in North Portugal certainly worth a visit. Porto ( and Braga ( are certainly very interesting destinations.