Formal Aspects of Component Software
(FACS 2010)

Universidade do Minho
Universidade do Minho

7th International Workshop on Formal
Aspects of Component Software

October 14-16, 2010 - Guimarães (Portugal)

UN University
United Nations University

FACS 2010 - List of Accepted Papers

Chris Unsworth, Muffy Calder, Phil Gray and Alice Miller
"An Introduction to Pervasive Interface Automata"
Yijing Liu and Zongyan Qiu
"A Separation Logic for OO programs"
Dima Alhadidi and Mourad Debbabi
"Aspect Weaving in UML Activity Diagrams: Semantic and Algorithmic Framework"
Pascal André, Gilles Ardourel and Mohamed Messabihi
"Component Service Promotion: Contracts, Mechanisms and Safety"
Suzana Andova, Luuk Groenewegen and Erik de Vink
"Distributed Adaption of Dining Philosophers"
Roberto Bruni, Zhiming Liu and Liang Zhao
"Graph Representation of Sessions and Pipelines for Structured Service Programming"
Sabina Rossi
"Model Checking Adaptive Multilevel Service Compositions"
Diana Ramírez-Deantes, Jesús Correas Fernández and Germán Puebla Sánchez
"Modular Termination Analysis Java Bytecode and its Application to PhoneME Core Libraries"
Behrooz Nobakht, Marcello Bonsangue, Frank de Boer and Stijn de Gouw
"Monitoring Method Call Sequences using Annotations"
Gabriel Tamura, Rubby Casallas, Anthony Cleve and Laurence Duchien
"QoS Contracts-Aware Reconfiguration of Component Architectures using e-Graphs"
Bahman Pourvatan, Marjan Sirjani, Farhad Arbab and Marcello M. Bonsangue
"Synthesis of Reo Circuits Through Decomposition of Complee Constraint Automata"
Daniel Côté, Michel Embe Jiague and Richard St-Denis
"Systems-Theoretic View of Component-Based Software Development"
Julien Dormoy, Olga Kouchnarenko and Arnaud Lanoix
"Using Temporal Logic for Dynamic Reconfigurations of Components"