3D Models

The 3D models created for this project are made available in here, both on Maya Binary format (version 8.5) and COLLADA. Since this is a very large model, it has been divided in chunks, each in a compressed zip file, where each file corresponds to an epoch, or an area. At the end of this page some CAD files are also available. These correspond to the buildings between Largo de Camões and the Mercado Municipal.

Note: The textures required for the models are available in the file: textures.zip (23332 KB).

Uncompress all files(textures and models) to the same folder C:\PL3D, mantaining the folder structure inside the compressed folders.

XIV Century

Complete Model for XIV Century

Include the terrain, bridge and the medievel walls.

Maya (1509 KB)
Collada (3006 KB)

XXI Century

Largo de Camões (Camões Square)

Includes all the buildings from Largo de Camões (Camões Square), the Chafariz Nobre (fountain in the middle of the square) and also the suspended lamps on some building.

Maya (1509 KB)
Collada (8416 KB)

Medieval Towers

Includes the two towers, S. Paulo and Cadeia Velha, and a part of the medieval wall that are still present today in Ponte de Lima. It also includes all buildings between Largo de Camões (Camões Square) and the Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market).

Maya (2462 KB)
Collada (4549 KB)

Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market)

Complete model of the Municipal Market.

Maya (3284 KB)
Collada (5823 KB)

Avenida dos Plátanos (Plantains Avenue)

Includes the plantains, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia, benches, street lamps and other elements. The pavement with its patterns is also included.

Maya (9464 KB)
Collada (12558 KB)

Museu dos Terceiros (Museum)

Includes the Museum and the adjacent building, as well as the gardens. The Maya version also includes a highly detailed model of the main door.

Maya (18984 KB)
Collada (7151 KB)


Includes the bridge, the pavement on the north side of the river, and the Chapel of Santo António da Torre Velha.

Maya (7350 KB)
Collada (5163 KB)


Includes the terrain, street pavements, and items such as street lamps, benches, amongst others.

Maya (2724 KB)
Collada (3574 KB)

Note: The file PL3DMaterials.mb, is referenced in all other Maya models. It contains all material definitions used in this project. If you have the load references option enabled this file will be automatically loaded at startup. Otherwise go to the reference editor and check the file.

CAD files

CAD models for the buildings between Largo de Camões and the Mercado Municipal.

CAD (1267 KB)