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Miguel Rocha's web site

Miguel Rocha

Auxiliar Professor

Informatics Department

University of Minho

Tel: +351 253 604435

Fax: +351 253 604471


Miguel Rocha is currently Auxiliar Professor (with PhD), holding a permanent position at the Informatics Departament of the University of Minho, teaching subjects related to Bioinformatics, Natural Computation, Data Mining/ Machine Learning and also introductory programming / computing courses.

He got his PhD in 2004, with a thesis on the Optimization of Neural Networks using Evolutionary Computation.

He is a member and was vice-director (2005-2009) of the Center of Computing Sciences and Technologies where he conducts research on the areas of Data Mining/ Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Bioinformatics He was the PI of MOBioPro - Modeling and Optimization of Biological Processes, funded by the Portuguese Fundation for Science and Technology . He is the author of a number of publications in international conferences and journals
In terms of research keeps active collaborations in projects with the following researchers (among others):

Miguel Francisco Rocha 2009-11-17