Jorge Sousa Pinto

Universidade do Minho - DI/CCTC

Technical Reports

Pdf files available here

JosÚ Bacelar Almeida, Jorge Sousa Pinto, and Miguel Vilaša, A Local Graph-rewriting System for Deciding Equality in Sum-product Theories. Technical Report DI-PURe-06.02.01, February 2006 (presented at TERMGRAPH'06).

Ian Mackie, Jorge Sousa Pinto and Miguel Vilaša, Functional Programming and Program Transformation with Interaction Nets. Technical Report DI-PURe-05.05.02, May 2005 (presented at LOPSTR'05)

J. S. Pinto. Generalizing Hylo-shift. Technical Report DI-PURe-04:10:01, October, 2004.