Technical Reports and Drafts

– M. J. Frade and J. S. Pinto. Verification Conditions for Source-level Imperative Programs. Technical Report DI-CCTC-08-01, Universidade do Minho, 2008. Available here
– I. Mackie, J. S. Pinto, M. Vilaša: Iterators, Recursors and Interaction Nets CoRR abs/0910.3321: (2009)

– J. B. Almeida, J. S. Pinto: Deriving Sorting Algorithms CoRR abs/0802.3881: (2008)

– J. Gomes, D. Martins, S. M. de Sousa, J. S. Pinto: Lissom, a Source Level Proof Carrying Code Platform CoRR abs/0803.2317: (2008)