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About the Group's Origins

INESC 's Group 2361 ( Formal Methods for Software Development) is hosted by the Informatics Department of Minho University , sharing its premises in the University's new campus at Gualtar, in the suburbs of Braga .

Group 2361 (formerly 1753) started in 1989 arising from a protocol signed by Prof. Machado Santos, Rector of Minho University and INESC Director Prof. Tribolet. In 1992, the Group's resources were subject to INESC 's overall re-structuring process. It became a ``red charted'' project lead by Prof. J.N. Oliveira , suitably framed into INESC 's Software Engineering vector. Administrative support is provided by INESC-Porto .

Current R&D Members

R&D Areas of Activity

Current areas of interest are

The Liaisons

Past and Current Projects

A sample of past or on-going technical projects follows:

Sample of Published Papers

Almeida P. Síntese de Imagem por 'Ray Tracing' de Objectos Criados por Extrusão. Aplicação - Texto 3D. Portuguese Symposium on Computer Graphics, 1993.
C. Baquero, V. Fonte, R. Oliveira, and F. Moura. Mobiscape: Www browsing under disconnected and semi-connected operation. In Proceedings of the Portuguese WWW Conference, Braga, Portugal, July 1995.
C. Baquero, R. Oliveira, and F. Moura. Integration of concurrency control in a language with subtyping and subclassing. In Proceedings of USENIX COOTS'95, Monterey, CA, USA, June 1995.
Martins F.M., Almeida J.J., Henriques P.R. Mecanismos para Especificação e Prototipagem de Interfaces Utilizador-Sistema. Portuguese Symposium on Computer Graphics, Coimbra, October 1990.
Martins F.M., Oliveira J.N. Archetype-oriented User-Interfaces. Computers & Graphics, 17--28, Vol.14(1), Jan.1990.
Mendes J.A., Henriques P.R. Heuristic Parsing and Search Space Pruning. EPIA'91, Albufeira, October 1991.
Oliveira J.N., Araújo A., Silva A. Historical Records Processing in the HiTeX System. Proc. of AHC'91 --- International Conference of the Association for History & Computing 1991, Odense, Denmark, Aug. 28-30.
Oliveira J.N., Martins F.M. Archetype-oriented CHI --- A Formal Approach to User Friendliness. First Luso-German Meeting on Computer Graphics, 1989.
Oliveira J.N. A Reification Calculus for Model-Oriented Software Specification. Formal Aspects of Computing, Vol.2, 1-23, 1990, Springer-Verlag.
Oliveira J.N. Software Reification using the SETS Calculus. Invited communication. Proc. of the BCS FACS 5th Refinement Workshop, Theory and Practice of Formal Software Development, London, UK, 8--10 January 1992, 140-171, Springer-Verlag.
Oliveira J.N. HITEX: Um Sistema em Desenvolvimento para Historiadores e Arquivistas. in Ler Historia, 23 (1992):127-138.

List of Technical Reports

[TR 91-2-1] Creissac J., Martins F.M. IAPF: Interfaces Assistidas para Protótipos Funcionais. Fev. 1991.
[TR 91-4-1] Oliveira J.N., Jourdan I.S. Software Refinement by Calculation in SETS . April 1991.
[TR 91-5-1] Oliveira M., Sottomayor M., Martins F.M. Especificação e Prototipagem de um Animador de Especificações MEDUSA. Maio 1991.
[TR 91-11-1] J.J. Almeida, L.S. Barbosa CAMILA by Example. November 1991.
[TR 91-12-1] Rocha J.G. Definição e Tradução da Linguagem CAMILA . Dez. 1991.
[TR 91-12-2] F.S. Moura Configuração de Sistemas Baseados em Transputers. Dez. 1991.
[TR 92-6-1] Rocha J.G. Comunicação entre Processos XMETOO. 5.Jun.1992.
[TR 92-7-1] Rocha J.G. Tutorial sobre THE SYNTHESIZER GENERATOR. Jul.1992.
[TR 92-7-2] Machado M.A. Sistemas de CASE versus Desenvolvimento Formal de Software. Jul.1992.
[TR 92-8-1] Rocha J.G. Geração de Interfaces para Protótipos CAMILA . Ago.1992.
[TR 92-12-1] Almeida J., Rocha J.G. Interface C -- XMETOO: Manual de Utilização. Dez.1992.
[TR 93-2-1] Martins F.M., Ferreira A.G. GAIA --- Gerador Automático de Interfaces Adaptativas. Fev.1993.
[TR 93-2-2] Campos J.F., Martins F.M. GAMA-X --- Uma Arquitectura de Software para Desenvolvimento Semi-Automático de Interfaces Utilizador-Sistema. Fev.1993.
[TR 93-3-1] Oliveira J.N. Hash Tables: A Case Study in SETS -Calculation. (in preparation)

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