Project Record

KEY NAME: bb BEGIN DATE: Setembro 1999
TITLE: Publicação Electrónica de Edições Esgotadas do Arquivo Distrital de Braga END DATE: Setembro 2001
SUBTITLE: Bullarium Bracarense SUPERVISOR: José Carlos Ramalho


  1. José Luís dos Santos Costa -


Along the time, the city of Braga, "uppermost place in the study of native History", has known how to preserve a series of extremely important documents for the understanding of our country and Church's History.

At Arquivo Distrital de Braga (ADB), one can find innumerable writings of great value, whose publication were carried through mere typographical techniques, namely the use of photolites.
The inexistence of electronic format for these works, some of them out of print editions, led ADB and University of Minho to work together aiming at the accomplishment of their modernization via computing processes.

This report turns precisely on the electronic publishing process of an ADB work, Bullarium Bracarense, element of great historic-cultural importance, given the narrow relationship between the papal decrees it contains and the (more or less) direct influence on the path taken by History.

Bullarium Bracarense is a structurally heterogeneous and a little rigid document. On account of that, both the definition of its grammar and its processing deserve special attention and handling. The power of the electronic structured format of this document resides not only in the ability of expeditiously reproducing suitable versions for both paper printing and web publishing but also in the susceptibility of performing contextual searchs (according to a given set of criteria) over it, as if it was a convencional database.

With great satisfaction (and with certain pride), the author chose this project not only as a way of applying his knowledge in one of the personal preferred areas of interest --- structured text-based (non-binary, ASCII-compliant) information processing --- but also and mainly as a chance (perhaps the one and only) of humbly contribute to a better understanding of our country's History, making available to the world, and at a click-distance, previously less accessible information.