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Social Networks Analysis


The Dual Aim of this Special Session is:

- To present ongoing research with respect to key issues on the analysis of social, technical and organisational networks fostering collaborative advantage in real and virtual enterprises and their constituent communities.

- To organise a hands-on workshop for the use of SNA software, ie, UCINET and PAJEK, for doctoral students, researchers and practitioners who are interested in deploying SNA methods in the analysis of virtual and real enterprises.

Topics & Planned Structure

Topics and presentations in the session will cover various knowledge-intensive public and private organizations, spanning a broad range of industries from computing and software, to aerospace and forensic science, as well as a multi-sector analysis of regional patterns of collaboration and networking for identifying high-tech clusters, see, also Expected and Potential Contributions below.

The 'SNA for Newbies' workshop will be offered 'free of charge' as a non-technical introduction in the collection, analysis and visualisation of network data (1-mode and 2-mode networks), including hands-on tutorials of SNA software, such as UCINET and PAJEK. Prior registration will be required so that participants will be asked to download a free trial copy of the SNA software on their personal computers in advance of the workshop. 


Prof. Dr. Dimitris Assimakopoulos, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

Expected and Potential Contributions

The organizer is happy to deliver the hands on workshop on ‘SNA for Newbies’. Doctoral students and practitioners (S. Doak, K. Ogilvie, J. Williams), and academics (J. Yan, D. Assimakopoulos) with ongoing research projects in France, the UK, the USA and China are expected to present their research in this session. 

Call for Papers 

The Call for Papers for this special session is available here.