3rd International Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming

Workshop on Research Themes on Functional Programming

Friday, 18th

14:30 :
A Methodology for the Derivation of Parallel Programs
Joy Goodman, Glasgow
Calculating List Homomorphisms for Parallel Bracket Matching
Walter Dosch , Bernd Wiedemann, Luebeck
15:10 :
An Implementation of Modular Monadic Semantics Using Folds and Monadic Folds
Jose Labra Gayo, Oviedo
15:30 :
Modeling Databases with Functional Programming
Damir Medak, Wien
16:00 - Coffee Break
16:30 :
Mendler-Style Inductive Types, Categorically
Tarmo Uustalu, Stockholm , Varmo Vene, Tartu
16:50 :
On the Development of Camila
José J. Almeida et al, Minho
17:10 :
Lazy Differential Algebra and its Applications
Jerzy Karczmarczuk, Caen
17:30 :
An Interval Library for Haskell
Genésio Neto, André Santos, Pernambuco
17:50 :
The Most Unreliable Technique in the World to Compute $\pi$
Jerzy Karczmarczuk, Caen