Social Program

Lennart Augustsson toke  some pictures during the School. Some  are including here.
The complete collection can be found in his home-page .

Saturday, 12th:

20:00 - Reception
Sunday, 13th:
17:00 - Braga: Guided tour
The begining of the tour
The Main Avenue (Avenida Central)
An Old Café (A Brasileira)
St. Bárbara Garden
The City Hall
The Library
The Library 2
Monday, 14th:
20:00 - Folk Dinner
Folk dinner
Folk dinner 2
Tuna da Universidade do Minho
Rancho Foclórico
Rancho Foclórico 2
Wednesday, 16th:
20:00 - School Banquet in Guimarães
The Castle
The City Center
The Banquet
The Banquet 2
The Banquet 3
The Banquet 4
The Banquet 5
The Banquet 6

The Banquet 7