3rd International Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming


Registration can be made directly from this page until 25th July. Late registrations will be accepted until September, the 1st, but charged with an additional fee of PTE 25 000.

The School fee, including accommodation in double room, full boarding and documentation, is PTE 75 000.

Online Registration

Please read the following instruction before register.


We ask you to supply a username. It be used during the course to access computer facilities. It can also be used to edit your registration information. To modify your registration, fill only the username, and push the 'Edit' button.
The fields marked with '*' are required fields. Don't leave them blank.

Each submission (or modifications to existing submissions) will be registered in a local database. That information is also automatically forwarded to the organizing commite.

You can see the list of already registered users. Just push the 'List' button.

For questions (p.e. regarding schoolarships) or comments (p.e. about the students workshop), use the comment field at the bottom of the form.

If you understood the instructions, please fill out the registration form.

For questions or suggestions about the registration form, please send an email message.